One Thing to Drink Wine, Another to Taste…

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One Thing to Drink, Another to Taste…

Hi –

Tilt the glass and drink, it’s easy… However,
you’ll find discerning the taste of your wine to
be a bit more challenging.

As you know, understanding and appreciating wine
pays off with big dividends. Really savoring
your vino adds that extra dimension of enjoyment.

The big 3 areas to consider in appreciation are…
Appearance, Aroma and Taste.

Also, consider your ambiance as an additional
contribution to your overall wine enjoyment…
Comfortable surroundings, warm neutral lighting,
tasty treats, and good friends whenever possible,
always enhances your vino experience.

Tasting as you know, is subjective.

The goal in tasting wine is to discern the
specific aromas and flavors it has to offer. To
hone-in on your own perceptual abilities, to
develop and articulate a vocabulary.

The very first few sips usually provide you with
the best palate discernment(s)…

Describe for yourself the first few components
that hit your taste buds upon that very first
partake… eg., what type of fruit immediately
comes to mind?… Does a hint of a certain flower
or herb emerge?… Do earthen elements come forth?

We’ll touch on Aroma and Appearance next time.
See you in a couple of weeks (or so)… until
then, enjoy your wines!

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