Phylloxera almost ‘killed’ wine…

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Phylloxera, a wine vine killer…

Not to long ago the Phylloxera epidemic was
a major problem, it basically wiped-out a
substantial amount of vineyards on the west
coast. Yet, it has become evident that the
mistakes made over those several (past)
decades have largely been corrected,
ironically because of Phylloxera itself.

Introduced by vineyards in France, Phylloxera
was (is) a form of root rotting of the vines.
And, did it ever play havoc with a bunch of

As a result of this grape destruction, new
techniques have enabled us vino drinkers to
enjoy a much higher quality product at a much
better price than ever!

Phylloxera forced the vineyards into planting
with tighter spacing, thus making the vines
to struggle ever-more to grow. The resultant
is a deeper root system with such vines,
producing higher quality grapes.

Many grapes were subsequently planted with a
Phylloxera resistant stock. Adjustments to
proper soil/microclimates for certain
varietals have rectified and otherwise
perfected the final growth results.

Also, superior root-stocks and less productive
clones that produce smaller grapes, with more
individual character, have actually achieved
positive results from the Phylloxera epidemic.

A recent concept called “Biodynamics” provides
even newer growing techniques, and we’ll get
into those details in a future newsletter.

Enjoy your wines!

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