Red Wine and Lung Health…

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Update on Red Wine and Healthier Lungs…




Hi –

With consideration to moderation a given, and a
waiver that no medical advice is provided in
this email (refer to citation provided*)…
research continues to support that red wine
may indeed reduce one’s risk of lung cancer,
according to a study published in the journal,

One such study had 282 hospital patients, mostly
men ages 50 to 70, categorized by the type of
alcohol they primarily consumed.

After adjusting for factors such as smoking,
the scientists determined in this particular
research that the median risk for lung cancer
associated with each serving of alcohol…

Compared to the non-drinkers, red-wine consumers
risk decreased 13% percent, with each glass, up
to three glasses (max!) per day.

It appears that high levels of polyphenois™ and
resveratrol in red wine provide a pertinent
level of antioxidant, antineoplastic, and
anti-inflammatory properties.

* Further studies in support of this matter can
be found by going to the Thorax™
(considered one of the world’s leading
respiratory medicine journals) and searching
with keywords “red wine”.

See you in a couple of weeks… In the meantime,
enjoy your wines!

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