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Biodynamic winegrowers…

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The Biodynamic movement abstains from the
use of chemicals and encourages holistic
agricultural practices, such a planting
according to the phases of the moon (an old
farmers approach). And it has gathered
momentum and respect from the wine world.

Winemakers focus on the earthen soil for
the quality of their vines. Biodynamic
winegrowers, like organic vintners, avoid
chemical pesticides and fertilizers. They
rely primarily on their rich and vibrant
compost along with beneficial insects to
keep their vines (and roots) strong.

Biodynamics emphasizes diversity in the
vineyards. They grow a variety of plants
to attract insects, which also contributes
to the natural rich compost. By fostering
healthy soil rich in bacteria, nutrients,
and earthworms… the goal is accomplished.

As mentioned above, Biodynamic farmers…
plant, cultivate, and harvest according to
the phases of the moon because, it’s been
studied that different phases can stimulate
the growth and ripening of their vines.

Biodynamics has a strong tradition in Europe,
where many growers have been wary of adopting
the chemicals used in modern agriculture.

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