Wine Extraction…

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Wine Extraction… part 1

Hi –

Grapes contain flavor compounds that must first
be removed from solids in order to impart and
coax character thereafter. Extraction must be
appropriate in duration and strength in order
to achieve the wines ultimate taste and color

Of course, compounds in the skin of the grape
account for wine color, as well as much of
its flavor and tannins. Extraction of these
molecules, through a variety of maceration
methods, is the essence of the red wine
production process. Strictly speaking in
this case, maceration is the means, while
extraction is the end.

Ultimately, it is the character of the grapes
and the objectives of the vintner that determine
the approach of production… In general, each
strives to maximize fruit intensity, while
minimizing negatives such as harsh tannins,
strident acidity and unappealing flavors.

Extraction techniques are also tailored to the
desired style. Producers crafting fruit-driven
wine for immediate consumption, such as
Beaujolais Nouveau and some Merlot for example,
seek to avoid tannins. Vintners aiming for vino
that last and mature over decades such as
classified-growth Bordeaux and the like,
maximize maceration.

In general, some grape varieties, like Cabernet
Sauvignon and Syrah, better tolerate more
aggressive maceration techniques, while others,
most notably Pinot Noir, require a softer touch.

See you in a couple of weeks… In the meantime,
enjoy your wines!

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