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Wine Extraction (part 2)…

Posted By on Jul 30, 2015 in Wine Club

Wine Extraction part 2… Hi, There are a few primary factors that determine the end result of quality wine… The position and condition of the berries in relation to the liquid… the temperature of the maceration… duration of the maceration and de-stemming. It’s much easier to extract color, tannins and flavor from crushed grapes immersed in the juice, than it is from unbroken berries floating on top. The...

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Wine Club Confirmed

Posted By on Mar 28, 2015 in Wine Club

Congratulations! Your eWine Club confirmation is on its way to your email box… Enjoy Your Wines! Brad Caskey Durango Liquor & Wine 970-259-4900 Next to WalMart 1145 S Camino Del Rio – #101

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Phylloxera, a wine vine killer… Not to long ago the Phylloxera epidemic was a major problem, it basically wiped-out a substantial amount of vineyards on the west coast. Yet, it has become evident that the mistakes made over those several (past) decades have largely been corrected, ironically because of Phylloxera itself. Introduced by vineyards in France, Phylloxera was (is) a form of root rotting of the vines. And, did it ever...

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